Museum of Indian Culture

This project was to create a hypothetical rebrand of The Museum of Indian Culture to bring in a contemporary audience. This new identity will include a new logo, brand style guide, banner series, postcards, apparel, and a museum app.

The overall concept behind this rebrand is to stay fun and encourage education and community events. Bringing this museum into the contemporary age further showcases that this culture is not just a history book, but a living and breathing culture. The logo is an abstraction of the Lenape Wihittuck (Delaware River), a significant part of their culture.

The Museum of Indian Culture is a non-profit charitable corporation run by the board of directors and is an all-volunteer organization. They are the oldest exclusively Native American museum in Pennsylvania. The museum offers guided tours on weekends, has outreach programs for school and social groups, hosts popular annual festivals, and craft workshops and lectures. In 2020, they officially partnered with Delaware Nation, a federally recognized Lenape tribe and opened an extension of their Historic Preservation Office at the museum.

Branding / Merchandise / App Design

The font, Iskra, is used throughout all elements of the brand. It was chosen for its rounded, friendly nature, and readability. The colors turquoise and orange were chosen for their prominence in Lenape beadwork. The warm browns, light blue, cream, and charcoal were chosen for their connection to the earth. The main assets used throughout all the branding elements are hand-drawn abstractions of imagery found in Lenape beadwork, as well as another version of the river.