Wildfire Awareness

This project was a concept for a campaign revolving around the connection between climate change and the increased severity of California wildfires.

The overall concept of this campaign revolves around having a trendy pop culture headline juxtaposed with a dark illustrative poster. The headlines “Damn, it’s brutal out here,” “Cancel hot girl summer!”, “It’s too lit this summer” and “Got too lit this summer?” follow popular trends and internet slang used by the target audience demographics of generation Z and younger millennials.

The symbol created for this campaign is a redwood tree with half of it engulfed in flames to show the speed and destructiveness of wildfires. The QR code links to the California Fire Foundation donation page for the viewer to provide help on an individual scale. 

Illustration / Awareness Campaign / Poster Design


01 Mindmap

02 Mood board and Research

Wildfires in California are a critical issue. In 2019, they created $4.5 billion in damages in California and Alaska. In 2020, five of the six recorded largest fires burned in California and Oregon with historic levels of spread and damage. 4.2 million acres burned in California, with 10,488 structures damaged or destroyed and at least 31 people lost their lives. 

Drought and rising heat from climate change have drastically increased the danger of fire season. California Fire Found has disbursed over $1.3 million in grants to 133 fire departments, associations, fire councils, and community organizations to combat this.

03 Sketches and Prototyping 

Headline and Symbol/Logo Exploration

Poster Exploration

04 Revisions

05 Final